• Mount 7

    Downhill mecca - home of the Psychosis race 1998 to 2008.

    Mount 7

    15 single track downhill trails from super long and flowy to crazy steep descents.
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  • Moonrakers & CBT

    Fast, smooth and flowy XC trails that please all levels of rider.

    Moonrakers & CBT Mainline

    A network of over 60km of single track goodness, the long-lived Moonrakers have been retroffited, retooled and expanded.
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  • Kicking Horse

    Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. Gondola accessed downhill.

    Kicking Horse Bike Park

    Boasting the highest elevation and longest vertical of any bike park in Canada.
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  • Mountain Shadows

    Technical, all-mountain XC trails at the base of Mount 7.

    Mountain Shadows

    A coastal personality crafted from rocks, roots, climbs and descents.
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  • Road Biking

    Our local network of highway and backcountry roads.

    Road Biking

    From local networks to the infamous Golden Triangle, there are numerous highway loops for road riding.
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  • Rotary & BMX

    Easy town loop; skate and bike park; skills area and pump track.

    BMX & Rotary Trails

    Other than our main trail networks, we also have the in-town Rotary Trails for family joy rides and the skatepark for BMX.
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Club Executive Meeting, January 13, Minutes of
Category: General | Posted by gc2 on 2014-01-16

No time like winter to think about biking plans. Here's what your club executive is pondering whilst lazing about beside the hearth.

Respecting Private Property
Category: General | Posted by gc2 on 2013-10-24

The fine folks who live beside the gully that is used occasionally to descend to Nicholson from the Mtn Shadows have kindly, but urgently, asked bikers to not use the gully as it has vital water wells for them (the gully is in fact on their property). Bikes and water don't always mix well. While paved and vehicley, Kallman Road is a fast and smooth alternative.
If anyone can think of where to create a singletrack alternative in the area, please contact your club and get that wheel rolling.

Volunteer Build Day - CBT Mainline
Category: General | Posted by gc2 on 2013-10-22

Our next trail day will be this Saturday on October 26 at noon.  Meet at the upper CBT entrance along Cedar Lake Road.  Bring a bike if you want to ride down to the work area...... [read more]

Golden Cycling Club

In the mountain town of Golden, BC we understand that biking is fun. Serious fun. What this means is to be able to build and maintain one of the most fragrant biking trail potpourris on the planet for the sure fun of biking takes some serious effort - physical, spiritual and administrative. [read more]

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